Prepping, Salting, & Shipping:


The most important thing controlling the quality of your hides and how they tan, is how they are taken care of before they are sent to the tannery. Follow these easy pointers to help assure your hides are tanned the best they can be.


Prep your hides immediately, do not freeze them to be taken care of at a later date. Hides that have been frozen degrade in quality when they are thawed.

Hides must have all the meat, and especially, all the fat removed before they are salted.

Never salt your hides below 40 degrees. You do not want your hides to freeze when they are salted.

Never salt a hide in extremely warm temperatures. Your hide may rot before the salt has a chance to penetrate to the hair roots.

Do not reuse salt on your hides, use salt only once, then throw it away.

When salting, make sure that every inch of skin is covered in salt and that there are no spots where the hide is rolled, like on the legs, or on the edges. Make sure to use plenty of salt.

Anytime after 48 hours the hides may be hung up and dried. Never in the sun or with direct heat.

All greasy hides such as bear and fur should be beamed to remove all grease from within the hide. This will prevent grease-burn, and the hair roots from rotting. It will simply give you a better tanned hide.

When you ship your hides they should be dry and not wet to the touch, but still flexible enough to fold easily. Fold the hides with the flesh side out, with the head, tails, and legs inside the fold.  This prevents broken tails and legs, and ears from splitting open, and fur or hair from being rubbed off during shipping.

Don't ship fragile items like furs or antelope with heavy items like elk or moose. If they are going to shipped in the same box place the lighter items on top so they won't be damaged by the larger items.

Never ship in hides that are wet or damp.


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